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Unlike my normal entries this Blog will look at the voices of the people of Northern Ireland in light of political violence. I normally disassociate with political viewpoints but sometimes it is hard to ignore. This story looks at the events of this weekend in Ireland and the views of Catholic and Protestant unison against political violence in our country.

In Omagh, Northern Ireland, many people were taking a nightmarish view of history this weekend.

As Constable Ronan Kerr left his home for work all appeared normal. Recently qualified as a police officer for the PSNI it is safe to say Constable Kerr was optimistic of his day. However, for him and his neighbours the Saturday routine was soon to be massively disturbed.

As Ronan got in his car, neighbours heard an enormous explosion echoing the sounds of Omagh’s past. A bomb had exploded. The device was placed in the 25 year old police officers car and exploded as Ronan left his home for work. His neighbours in solidarity came to help and brought fire extinguishers to save the young Constable. Unfortunately it was too late, and today the families of Northern Ireland are in mourning of another life lost to political ignorance.

Taken From BBC.CO.UK (Ronan Kerr, Killed in a car bomb this weekend)

It is believed that dissident republicans placed the bomb in Ronan’s car which caused the loss of life. The political radicals claim to act for Ireland, however the message was clear yesterday that very few citizens of Ireland wish to return to the days of bombings and violence on the streets.

In 1998 the town of Omagh lost 29 lives to political bombing. 13 years is a long time and the people of Ireland have long since wished such violence away. The extreme minorities of Northern Ireland act alone and a country full of history and beauty and should not so often be brought together in mourning the pointless loss of life.


Social sights like facebook filled with people’s disgust toward the act and the media were quick to speak with the most senior political voices of Northern Ireland, all of whom strongly condemned the attack.

And with good reason. As I talk of the incidents of political distress in Ireland to my flatmates in England they are in constant awe and shock at the radical acts still in motion in Ireland. As I talk of the violence and disruption they too often ask am I scared when I go out or when I’m at home. The sad answer is no. Not because I live in a privileged area or that the trouble is too far away to effect me, but because it has become such a constant discussion and disruption that even in this age the youth of Northern Ireland see political Violence as normality.

This is a chilling thought but even now there is nowhere near as much surprise as there should be when we hear of attacks on our police services or figureheads. It is a distraught Ireland asking in desperation for this violence to stop that draws me to the conclusion that the attacks we suffer on our good-willed society are not wanted, welcomed or supported by the general public.

Political leaders Martin McGuiness and Peter Robinson

Taken from Belfast Telegraph

Messages are clear. The political views of Northern Ireland will always agree on one thing, that the acts of violence and destruction to our lands and communities are no longer welcome. The positive message I can see from all the destruction in Ireland is that communities still act together when the call is needed, it is simply unfortunate that they must come together in times of sadness more often than in times of success.

To see more on this story see here

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As we approach the summertime and the human race becomes active once again, it is inevitable that accidents will happen. With thousands of serious accidents in Britain every year the number of people needing blood is surely set to soar.

As I made my blood donation this week I felt I should try to help even more by encouraging everyone eligible to go and donate. This is my plea.

It takes less than an hour to go to a donor centre, fill out a simple form, and make a donation. This single bag of blood is painless to give and costs nothing, but it can change lives and very often, it can save them.

Sheffield donor centre, in Church Street, is a large and modern donation clinic right near the centre of town and offers a nearby opportunity for everyone to donate. As I gave my donation I looked around me and found that it’s not only blood we can donate. Blood platelets are also needed in a huge bid to help cancer patients.

 I watched as the machines effortlessly done their work on the willing donors and was fascinated by how easy it is to save a life. Yet despite this easy process which takes less than one hour every four months, most of us still don’t donate.

Why would people choose not to help others, when they are so perfectly eligible?  53% of blood donations are used to treat people with Cancer or leukaemia. 1 in 3 of us are affected by cancer at some point in our lives. But less than 5 percent of people, who can do so, will actually give blood.

This means that essentially most off the population is more than willing to receive blood and be saved, but a minimal amount of unaccredited heroes are willing to actually give. The government cannot force the nation to donate blood, platelets, bone marrow or organs, but if you donate you can literally save a life. (facebook support link)

My plea to anyone who reads this is to make even one donation to the blood services, you’re family or friends may one day need this blood, and if there was none for them, how would you feel? If you passed a dying man in the street I’m confident that you would help, but just because you cannot see these victims, doesn’t mean you still cant help.

You don’t know whose hero you will be, but it’s easy to sign up to these services and takes so little effort, for more information on becoming a donor visit

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Throwing in the towel

After the last few weeks I have pondered what my blog should focus on and contain. Today, I decide to publically announce it will focus on wherever my mind lets it. I no longer see the point in being specific to one thing when there’s no one thing to be specific about. So hunterswords will now ‘blog’ on anything and everything which takes my fancy! This week’s Blog was all about requests and demands, so I’m throwing in the towel and going all in to the big bad blog!!

So, it came to Monday last week, 9am, tired and cold, bored and fed up…. “Go take some pictures” we were told by an excited lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Obviously with more instruction than this we set off with our amateur cameras and for many mobile phones to capture the world that is early Monday morning in the steel city.

I personally was very unprepared and arrived hand in hand with bugger all, my Samsung £30 phone wasn’t exactly well equipped to capture such atmosphere so whilst sharing a camera I set off with fellow student Ben Kelbrick and the rest of the Journalism students   from the course. (link is to twitter account for all the blogs). We photographed a lot of things, places, people, fountains and flowers alike were all on the agenda. Considering I was using somebody else’s camera I was reluctant to spend a lot of time hogging the time snapper so I got to quick and hasty work!

These are but a few of the photos taken that day and of course id say more will probably follow in the coming weeks along with all types of media. I believe film is soon on the agenda so you may want to look out for that. So on the day of the photography adventure we all went out cold and tired and had a fun and freezing time out snapping the un-expecting members of Sheffield society, however…. I was also had fun in the city centre fountain, to say the least I came back to my student halls with some wet socks and soggy shoes. Who ever knew fountains were wet?

I think that’s my blabbering done for now, perhaps this week I may get round to a mid week update! Then again, perhaps not. Either way I’m sure next week will have more requests, more skill and more attention to one thing or another. So we will have to blog it up once again, when now turns to then!

Oh, and if you are keeping up to date with my blog. Thanks!

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Blog entry two, written to who??


From a first sceptical view of the Blogging world, I have come to appreciate the small number of views on my previous entry. Unfortunately I have not yet been converted to a blogging wiz kid nor have I started a theme for my entries and a day for them to be posted.

Which I guess, is my next big task! I have to choose something which will supposedly draw YOU in, bring YOU back, and keep YOU on ‘my’ page. A difficult task by any measure. I’ve been having a lot of trouble on deciding where to even begin thinking of an area to concentrate my blogging. I have no set skill or particular specified interest in any one area, if you will I have my hands in many jars. I am always flicking through phases of interest, for example I have recently become very interested in the TV series Greys anatomy and almost every summer I follow the RBS 6 nations Rugby and the All Ireland GAA matches.

However, I’m not a massive fan of TV series’ or one of sport. It’s a passing interest that out of season or situation will never stay. Then the worst thought imaginable occurred to me, write like I am now… about myself, my passing interest of the week, my Irish life in English society during my university education. But the thought once again passed, I mean surely I can’t find something worth putting online every single week or day about just my life? I think it would seem incredibly vain of me, im not famous, spectacular or even doing anything out of the usual.

 If anything I live a very ordinary life, I live in student halls and essentially live in my own little cave equipped with the strangest variances in musical taste and a similar array of pastimes. Things which include watching endless hours of Greys Anatomy (at least for now) reading the same books I’ve read before simply because I can’t afford the new ones and occasionally trying to write either like I am to you now or in a fictional non existent world made up of many other worlds of fiction and reality all jumbled in together.

So, all in all…… im no further forward and still don’t know where to start writing or what to start writing about. Maybe my university degree in journalism will be helped along by my indecisive rants and ramblings on nothing ……. and then again maybe not!!

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As part of a curriculum of which I must follow, I have been asked to start a Blog, so here I am. Easy!

……. Or so I thought.

Before you read these words please not that this is a new experience. I have not undertaken the ‘art’ of blogging ever before. I have in fact been reserved as to what the idea was and what it should contain. Is Blogging a list of my innermost thoughts strewn out into an elongated article as though my very own brain is a newspaper for all to read? Or, is it real news articles and theories which people individually confess to the world as they contact a journalistic side of themselves?

Personally, I still don’t know. I sit to write my first blog entry and I haven’t got the slightest idea of what I should induce any possible readers to. Then hit me I should tell each of you my misunderstood interpretation of a blog. Many of you may ask why I haven’t taken time to read others or ‘Google’ my problem. And personally it’s because this is a lot more fun. Trying to figure out what to say has already filled some space. I believe that the official and journalistic articles posted in blog spaces can often be overlooked and that they should have a different place on the massive inter looping mind boggle that is the internet so until I am told this is what I should be doing, Im going for the other option.

I will use my thoughts as a way to tell stories and give my opinions to any readers who find my dribble is worth lifting the special glasses needed to look at their laptops, computers or hand held mobile devices. My first thought apart from my blogged up understanding of a blog, is how it works. I have always written articles and stories and even my own thoughts to be spilled onto pages. But my thoughts have always remained my own. Scribbled on a notepad or well hidden book in scrappy handwriting and worded most likely so wrong the literates would consider it toilet waste. But they were my thoughts and had not been written for their views before now. Until this point I have been able to tuck away the thoughts, short stories and novel introductions which I endlessly loose faith. The impulses spilled onto pages can be easily discarded and thrown away when the mood passes.

As a new method of marking such thoughts in this Blog, I fear I may never again be able to crumple up these thoughts and words and erase them forever, now they are bound to the world through the internet which most likely clocks them to time forever. Even as I write the words I am writing I fear I may regret them and never be able to take them back and burn them. Instead, they are impressed here for all to see.

I’m not complaining of the internet or the worlds lunge into a 21st century because frankly I love the I-pod and the fact I can contact friends in America and in the next room through my facebook etcetera. But I am simply trying to understand why the world is throwing everything it has into this blank space of the internet. Words, news, sounds and outdoor games have all lost a hard copy reality and formed electronic versions of themselves just like the very words I am typing rather than writing. I wonder when we will ever have them back.

I’ve come to the end of my ranted gibberish before providing the key to the way I write. If I read a book the words are aligned and organised to a different way than if I was told the story in person, my problem is that I write in the same way that I would plan to speak the words. My aim is to broadcast professionally as a career and very often I write in a way that portrays how I would make these points, if only I were speaking them. For those of you who have made it to this point of my pointless blog entry I hope you understand what I say and will return to read my future entries be they academic spouts of work or in replacement of my once before pen to paper thoughts.

Thank you for reading.  🙂

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