Undergraduate for University?


Keeping with the Blog’s theme of what I feel needs talking about, this one is all about university. How do we get there and where does it all go for undergraduate students who pay thousands every year to study a few hours per week?

My Blog on wordpress is part of my university work driving me to a career in the media!

I am drawing to a close on my first year at university and can’t help but reflect on how quickly it has all gone by. Each month has been broken up with weekends, days off, public holidays and term breaks, resulting in the fastest year of my life so far. The work has been hard and often challenging and has truly tested my ability to work for myself but has taught me some very important lessons.

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At school I was always unsure of how well I was doing and often just scraped by in the harder subjects that I was less interested in, now however I have a real interest in my course and can work hard to ensure I pass my modules and achieve my goals. Like any student however I can often get distracted by the new surroundings and nights out which means on days like today there is a final push to finish work and study for the exams.

Unlike school, I am now looking forward to a summer deemed long enough to enjoy. Four months of working and relaxing with friends back home. And even though I have to pay rent in a house I won’t even be living in all summer it is still nice to know I can stand on my own feet and do it with the help of my student loans.  For students who feel they are under the ability to graduate and don’t wish to go to university there are other learning centres and careers which can help. For me it was an uneasy choice but I took the plunge and so far it has all paid off.

stressful A-level exams leading to university (telegraph.co.uk)

We get to university by doing exams we have no interest in and only have to conform to in order to achieve “success” in our society, and then at university we pay massive fee’s, rent, bills and more to embrace a few hours of academic work per week followed by hard partying and a lot of laying around. Now considered part of our normal culture we all feel like we should go to university and gain our undergraduate degrees.

Where does it all go after the university lifestyle however? I recently watched some of my older friends finish university and fall to their knees as work is hard to come by and even jobcentres can offer little comfort. My own sister is soon to finish a master’s degree and is weary of what to do next as jobs are few and far between. Personally I can see the day where a degree from university which costs thousands of pounds, and years of work may not be enough. So is it now a time when an undergraduate degree doesn’t graduate as enough to gain a career? Leave comments and let me know what you think at https://hunterswords.wordpress.com/


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First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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