UK Toasts toward super summer!


Blogspot image captures a perfect summer picture


With recent winters bearing fresh memories of frozen lakes and impossible conditions the nation will surely be wondering what the coming summer will bring. As we near the summer months it is becoming ever more clear what to expect.

There is no doubt we are all in hope of high temperatures and perfect skies for months on end so Mother Nature can redeem herself for the unbearable winter chills of 2010. The weather offices are less optimistic however, reports of “above average” temperatures and “normal amounts of rainfall” place a real damp feeling on our heated dreams.

Recent weather in April lead the nation into a spending frenzy preparing for much anticipated summer of heat and sunshine. As the weeks of barbeques and beach trips rolled by the weather once again, in true British style, tumbled on its own success and saw the return of clouded skies and rainy days.  

Temperatures for June, soaring heats or Winter Woollens?


The netweather website reports the possibility of “a good deal of dry and warm weather” to be seen which may provide the relief from rainfall we have all been looking for since the harsh wisp of winter weather nipped at our heels and forced out the winter woollens. This leaves the questionable weather predictions still lingering in the air as reports of ‘above average’ heat and ‘consistent rainfall’ still whimper in the summers predictions.

I guess only time will tell, but if theUKfinally see’s the super summer it has been long awaiting what will we do with it? The views of family trips to the beach and summer barbeque parties will once again be alive and the scent of sea air and melted ice creams will once again refresh our memories of summers gone by.

This is only a short post because its about the weather… i’ve not turned into my grandad yet so im keeping it short and sweet.


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  1. Nicely done hunter 🙂

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