Blogging on Blogs

Tomorrow brings the end to my compulsory blog entries and I feel I should conclude to you, my readers, of how my blog has gone. Everyday I am able to see a chart of how many daily views the blog gets, otherwise known as ‘hits’. Overall as I write this entry I have received a total of 690 views over the 11 previous entries.

Like alot of you, i started blogging with a blank screen and no idea what to do! (blogspot)

I know this isn’t the greatest record of all time but as I said in my first entry, before undertaking this challenge, I was new to the bloggers ‘art’ therefore I count a total of 690 successes over the past weeks. Many of you may wonder which blog was my favourite.

I have several entries which I am exceptionally proud of, such as ‘blogging for blood’ because it had a real message and may have influenced some of my readers to give blood. Another entry about the murder of a Northern Ireland Police officer ‘as time goes by …..’ touched me as a lot of my peers said to me about how honest the entry sounded.

Blood Donation was key to one of my favorite entries, (image from Blogspot)

Other entries surprised me too, one in particular called ‘the student switch’ was a real surprise as I thought it wasn’t one of my better pieces. A comment on this entry from a fellow course mate filled me with pride as they said it was exactly how they felt. The blog was a success and I was proud to know that I captured the feelings of other people and not just my own opinions.

April 19th, the blogs most popular day had 62 views and surprisingly, no blog was posted on this day! The previous day’s entry ‘the student switch’ boosted the views on the blog and again took me by complete surprise.

I was glad to see I gained some skill in the use of wordpress, hyperlinks and video uploads as I went along and soon felt comfortable in writing my entries. For those just starting to blog, like I am there are great help pages available on wordpress and some fascinating videos on YouTube about social media…. This now includes my blog and not just a facebook site.

I have yet to decide if hunterswords will continue and post all the weird and wonderful things which inspire me. But for now at least, I would like to thank the readers of my blog for their continued support along the way. And I will end as I have started after gaining the skills required to Blog on an acceptable basis, and I’ve done it all ‘As part of a curriculum of which I must follow’.


Happy to be finished, and thanks to ALL my readers!


About hunterswords

First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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