Working for free pays off

As a young person I found I wanted to be a journalist. And I couldn’t have known unless i had discovered  a youth based organisation called ‘Headliners’, formerly ‘Children’s Express’, and began to receive free training in journalism skills and personal development.


If it were not for the funders, staff and volunteers of this charity, myself, and hundreds of other young people would still be shy and timid individuals hanging around the streets and getting a bad name. Now however we have been drawn from our shells and bloomed into some of the most confident personalities in our areas. Through this organisation the young people are given free time, activities and key training to become journalists in their own unique way. Headliner’s is no joke and can really reach the stars.

Headliners has made news which has gone as far as the BBC and can do sensative issues as well as fun disscussions. This is a video headliners made about HIV/Aids

This Blog entry has taken a while to gather up as I asked a few of other volunteers to give me their experiences of how volunteers helped them and to tell me what they were doing today. A few of these can be found at the bottom of this entry and they really tell a story of how a little time given for free can help shape someone else’s life.

Millenium Volunteers Certified my volunteering

Thanks to volunteering I had all the help I needed to become an outgoing confident person, and with thanks to the same free, rewarding and impressive service I have certificates and experience to put in my CV for life. Click here to see how. Volunteers are everywhere and we probably don’t even realise it, for example charity workers, the volunteers to fundraise for all the great charities and organisations such as Children In Need, Red Nose Day or any other local organisation.

In Headliners, the charity I volunteered for, I was still able to do all the activities the members could do, but I got to do even more. I was part of more training and skills courses to develop myself including a week in Brathay,England, which trained me to be a peer trainer and gave me essential leadership skills, which without being a volunteer I could not have taken part in.

I met Peter Hain MP in London because of Volunteering


 I was still able to promote myself and the organisation with stories and broadcasts and had an article published in Japanese, had live radio training and once received an email from a reader saying she loved the work Headliners was doing.

I also met and spoke with Katie Derham. A top UK news reader


Now as the organisation moves on there are still articles of mine on the website and many other articles from the streets of England and Ireland all telling stories from young people’s point of view. The organisation was a lifeline to me and many like me and this blog is only a small insight to the work which volunteers do to help many UK organisations and charities stay alive.

Volunteering was rewarding, fun, educational, social, interactive and so much more. As we face more and more unemployment in the UK charity work is essential and maybe you’re input as a volunteer could help somebody else or yourself into exciting new careers or oppertunities.

Here are some other Volunteering moments 

Emma Measures:

  • When I was 18, I fund raised £2700 for a charity called the Joshua Foundation. Part of this paid for me to go toAustraliato take part in conservation work on a nature reserve park. The rest of the money went straight to giving children with terminal cancer a chance to do something amazing. I went with one other person from my high school and met about 20 other amazing friends, who I will love forever. After two weeks of conservation work we went to Sydney and did a ton of sight seeing. From climbing the Harbor bridge to eating at the top of the revolving tower. It was most definitely the best experience of my life and its so rewarding knowing you have raised so much money for a child suffering a great deal have their dreams come true.

Nina Osei-Armah

  • For me volunteering is about gaining experience that will most likely benefit you in later times depending on your career choice. Apart from selfish reasons to look good on your c.v its a way of being a part of something and you have that self satisfaction of helping to make something happen or improve someone’s life. Volunteers are also a cheap resource if you find people willing to work for free that is one less expense. They are also a really good way of getting communities together and making things happen.

Philip Mc Dermott – (University Of Ulster)

  • Many people now go to university with the ‘blinded’ opinion that a degree is enough to get a job. It took one person (a lecturer) to tell me I was good enough and explain to me that I have to do other things to show employers how I can apply what I learn. The harsh reality is that in order to do that, especially when you are starting out you have to do it for free. I’m still doing stuff for free, and paid for others. But you know what. My volunteering has got me in a position to do the things I love to do!!!

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