Blah Blah Blah . . . All the echoes of the endless moans and groans of how students have a life of luxury. It was never an easy decision to come to university.

 It’s clearly the obvious option in today’s society, grow up, go to school and then to university or a chosen trade.

But what if you’re the person who struggled with a routine environment that worked simply on the basis of conformity and being ‘smart’. What if, you hate the thought of work you don’t understand and know you won’t succeed in?

What if, you’re the person who knows if you could choose one thing and work really hard at it you could succeed? But the option hasn’t presented itself and you’re stuck in the miserable circling drain of the schooling system which can fail so many but places all its pride on academic success stories.

Fed up with angry teachers?


If you are, then you’re just like me. . This is another one of my rambling blogs on personal experience.

This year Jamie Oliver has taken on a challenge against the school system to prove young people can do well in subjects they are interested in. He wishes to inspire the young people failed by mainstream schools to return to the classroom on the channel 4 documentary. I have watched the show and remember all the feelings of hatred I had for schools, the system and the teachers. I still hold a grudge to schools and feel a lot of the work done there is pointless. Now at university it is still the same.

For me there is a difference, I fell in love with broadcasting outside of school and have had a burning desire to continue working to a profession in the broadcasting industry. I hated school, I always wished I could have walked out and never returned, but like a lot of young people my age I didn’t want to disappoint my parents and was somehow worried of how my future employers would look at me. Not an easy quitter I stuck by it and got the grades I needed to scrape into the next round.

I’ve come to university for the same reasons that I only wish I could rebel against. Because society is telling me I have to. I know it’s the time of exams again and for the people who were in my shoes and felt that horrible pre-failure lull about the exams they were to sit, I want to share my story. It may not be inspiring but I hope that people understand how you feel. It’s never easy to sit the high intelligence exams that you now need to even sweep the streets. School is hard and for some it’s near impossible.

Today I’m at university, I have left home and moved country, and am studying to help narrow the path into the career I want. Slowly but surely as I near the end of my first year at university I can see how much I am narrowing in on the goal. All the times I wished I had quit, I still wish I had quit, I no longer have faith in our society’s perception of success and like a lot of people feel there is simply too much pressure on us to succeed.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I could succeed. I took a year out of university and worked, and in the year I had in a low end job I learned more than I ever will in a three year university spout. But the social success will never get me a degree and let me get onto a more successful life, it’s because of this I had to stress and get worried and sick even thinking about exams.

Radio 1 every year at this time talks about revision a lot and just like this blog allows for personal accounts of how to deal with it all. They ask people doing the exams how they feel and offer lots of advice on how to cope, this really is a life line and the things they say may seem like de-ja-vu but it’s often very true.

The work will always pay off, even if an exam if failed a lesson is learned and determination can go a long way. Many of the most successful people in this world were just like a lot of our parents and left school at 16 or even before. click here to see some of them.

'Dragon' Deborah Meadon is a self made millionaire after leaving school

To anyone who’s just like me, I say stick in and don’t give up. You may be presently surprised and if not at least you can stick it out and prove any of the teachers who doubted you’re first week would last you can say you’ve given it you’re all.

Billy connolly has no qualifications, but is still very succesfull

 I only a few weeks ago met a teacher who never had faith in me and even he was in shock to hear I went to university. He smiled and said well done clearly baffled by the fact I had gone somewhere; this gave me great pride in knowing I was proving I was better than my teachers had ever expected.

Good luck with all you’re exams, and any parents or elder readers just remember you’re time at school. Support our young people and relieve some pressure to let us breathe and see what WE have to do to make our own success!


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First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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  1. Terri says:

    Hey Hunter, I was just skimming your blog when I came across this. I have been procrastinating with my essay due tomorrow (70% of a module). I always did well at school but really honestly I felt and still feel exactly the same way and have been wondering whether its all worth it in the end. The bit about school-leaving entrepreneurs nearly enabled me pack up and leave the library. Its so infuriating how some people can become massive successes without the tedium of academia and deadlines while the rest of us have to stick with it or be resigned to the dole office. And in the current economic climate, at the end of it all we may end up there anyway but with a massive amount of debt to boot. I think the main reason I procrastinate is fear of failure but this ultimately eats up my time and ends in failure.
    I have chosen however, to take your words of encouragement, set aside the fear and stick at the essay and the next one and all the rest that will follow in the next year, especially the dreaded dissertation because I have come so far already and my second year grades have been by and large an improvement on the first.
    And if I end up in the dole office at least I can hold my head up high and say I have a ridiculously expensive education under my belt.
    Cheers Hunter!
    Love Terri!

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