Another week gone, the progress, failure, and success.

Daily Mail image showing the location Ronan Kerr's death.

Since the entry ‘as time goes by….’  another week has passed and at a glance we can see signifigant movements, but not all of these movements have come from the police service. I have a quick guide to the failures and successes to the week following Ronan Kerr’s murder in Omagh last saturday afternoon.

The press has been in a frenzy to cover the death of Ronan Kerr. Since then, the investigation has been opened up and the police have been making some progress in both investigations and in political statements. An unseen sight for years gone past in Northern Ireland struck the newspapers as the police service stood, literally, shoulder to shoulder with GAA players. image showing PSNI and GAA joining forces


This was a divide which was largely a separation of catholic and protestant members of the community. The death of Ronan Kerr inspired solidarity throughout the land in protest to the act. Over the week since his death the police have gathered their evidence and have now arrested a third man for questioning.

The movements in spirit and investigation with this case have moved Northern Irish citizens like never before, the direction is set heavily on condemnation of the attack. However, the terrorists responsible have also set on causing new disruption with car bombs described by the PSNI as being ‘very substantial’. The latest left at roadside in a transit van was a 500lb car bomb set to have a devastating effect.

BBC images of the Van containing a 500lb bomb


Since Ronan’s death last week the resistance to terrorism has been substantial and historical, but the attacks on the community have also taken a notch up leaving only one question. What next?


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