Throwing in the towel

After the last few weeks I have pondered what my blog should focus on and contain. Today, I decide to publically announce it will focus on wherever my mind lets it. I no longer see the point in being specific to one thing when there’s no one thing to be specific about. So hunterswords will now ‘blog’ on anything and everything which takes my fancy! This week’s Blog was all about requests and demands, so I’m throwing in the towel and going all in to the big bad blog!!

So, it came to Monday last week, 9am, tired and cold, bored and fed up…. “Go take some pictures” we were told by an excited lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Obviously with more instruction than this we set off with our amateur cameras and for many mobile phones to capture the world that is early Monday morning in the steel city.

I personally was very unprepared and arrived hand in hand with bugger all, my Samsung £30 phone wasn’t exactly well equipped to capture such atmosphere so whilst sharing a camera I set off with fellow student Ben Kelbrick and the rest of the Journalism students   from the course. (link is to twitter account for all the blogs). We photographed a lot of things, places, people, fountains and flowers alike were all on the agenda. Considering I was using somebody else’s camera I was reluctant to spend a lot of time hogging the time snapper so I got to quick and hasty work!

These are but a few of the photos taken that day and of course id say more will probably follow in the coming weeks along with all types of media. I believe film is soon on the agenda so you may want to look out for that. So on the day of the photography adventure we all went out cold and tired and had a fun and freezing time out snapping the un-expecting members of Sheffield society, however…. I was also had fun in the city centre fountain, to say the least I came back to my student halls with some wet socks and soggy shoes. Who ever knew fountains were wet?

I think that’s my blabbering done for now, perhaps this week I may get round to a mid week update! Then again, perhaps not. Either way I’m sure next week will have more requests, more skill and more attention to one thing or another. So we will have to blog it up once again, when now turns to then!

Oh, and if you are keeping up to date with my blog. Thanks!


About hunterswords

First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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