Blog entry two, written to who??


From a first sceptical view of the Blogging world, I have come to appreciate the small number of views on my previous entry. Unfortunately I have not yet been converted to a blogging wiz kid nor have I started a theme for my entries and a day for them to be posted.

Which I guess, is my next big task! I have to choose something which will supposedly draw YOU in, bring YOU back, and keep YOU on ‘my’ page. A difficult task by any measure. I’ve been having a lot of trouble on deciding where to even begin thinking of an area to concentrate my blogging. I have no set skill or particular specified interest in any one area, if you will I have my hands in many jars. I am always flicking through phases of interest, for example I have recently become very interested in the TV series Greys anatomy and almost every summer I follow the RBS 6 nations Rugby and the All Ireland GAA matches.

However, I’m not a massive fan of TV series’ or one of sport. It’s a passing interest that out of season or situation will never stay. Then the worst thought imaginable occurred to me, write like I am now… about myself, my passing interest of the week, my Irish life in English society during my university education. But the thought once again passed, I mean surely I can’t find something worth putting online every single week or day about just my life? I think it would seem incredibly vain of me, im not famous, spectacular or even doing anything out of the usual.

 If anything I live a very ordinary life, I live in student halls and essentially live in my own little cave equipped with the strangest variances in musical taste and a similar array of pastimes. Things which include watching endless hours of Greys Anatomy (at least for now) reading the same books I’ve read before simply because I can’t afford the new ones and occasionally trying to write either like I am to you now or in a fictional non existent world made up of many other worlds of fiction and reality all jumbled in together.

So, all in all…… im no further forward and still don’t know where to start writing or what to start writing about. Maybe my university degree in journalism will be helped along by my indecisive rants and ramblings on nothing ……. and then again maybe not!!


About hunterswords

First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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