As part of a curriculum of which I must follow, I have been asked to start a Blog, so here I am. Easy!

……. Or so I thought.

Before you read these words please not that this is a new experience. I have not undertaken the ‘art’ of blogging ever before. I have in fact been reserved as to what the idea was and what it should contain. Is Blogging a list of my innermost thoughts strewn out into an elongated article as though my very own brain is a newspaper for all to read? Or, is it real news articles and theories which people individually confess to the world as they contact a journalistic side of themselves?

Personally, I still don’t know. I sit to write my first blog entry and I haven’t got the slightest idea of what I should induce any possible readers to. Then hit me I should tell each of you my misunderstood interpretation of a blog. Many of you may ask why I haven’t taken time to read others or ‘Google’ my problem. And personally it’s because this is a lot more fun. Trying to figure out what to say has already filled some space. I believe that the official and journalistic articles posted in blog spaces can often be overlooked and that they should have a different place on the massive inter looping mind boggle that is the internet so until I am told this is what I should be doing, Im going for the other option.

I will use my thoughts as a way to tell stories and give my opinions to any readers who find my dribble is worth lifting the special glasses needed to look at their laptops, computers or hand held mobile devices. My first thought apart from my blogged up understanding of a blog, is how it works. I have always written articles and stories and even my own thoughts to be spilled onto pages. But my thoughts have always remained my own. Scribbled on a notepad or well hidden book in scrappy handwriting and worded most likely so wrong the literates would consider it toilet waste. But they were my thoughts and had not been written for their views before now. Until this point I have been able to tuck away the thoughts, short stories and novel introductions which I endlessly loose faith. The impulses spilled onto pages can be easily discarded and thrown away when the mood passes.

As a new method of marking such thoughts in this Blog, I fear I may never again be able to crumple up these thoughts and words and erase them forever, now they are bound to the world through the internet which most likely clocks them to time forever. Even as I write the words I am writing I fear I may regret them and never be able to take them back and burn them. Instead, they are impressed here for all to see.

I’m not complaining of the internet or the worlds lunge into a 21st century because frankly I love the I-pod and the fact I can contact friends in America and in the next room through my facebook etcetera. But I am simply trying to understand why the world is throwing everything it has into this blank space of the internet. Words, news, sounds and outdoor games have all lost a hard copy reality and formed electronic versions of themselves just like the very words I am typing rather than writing. I wonder when we will ever have them back.

I’ve come to the end of my ranted gibberish before providing the key to the way I write. If I read a book the words are aligned and organised to a different way than if I was told the story in person, my problem is that I write in the same way that I would plan to speak the words. My aim is to broadcast professionally as a career and very often I write in a way that portrays how I would make these points, if only I were speaking them. For those of you who have made it to this point of my pointless blog entry I hope you understand what I say and will return to read my future entries be they academic spouts of work or in replacement of my once before pen to paper thoughts.

Thank you for reading.  🙂


About hunterswords

First blogging website.... not sure what to make of it all yet! I'm known as Hunter and hope this blog gets some views, followers and comments!
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